I have listed here all staff that worked on Sonic the Comic some time during its life span, these have been split up into the different job that they performed as well as what comic strips they worked on where applicable.



  • Steve MacManus
  • Richard Burton
  • Deborah Tate
  • Audrey Wong
  • William Potter
  • Andy Diggle

Audrey Wong (Left), Richard Burton (Top)



  • Clare Gillmore
  • Gary Knight
  • Paul Chamberlain
  • Chris Read
  • Rob Stevens
  • Charles Wrigley
  • Jason McEvoy
  • Paul Shubrook
  • Steve Cook

 Gary Knight (Left)



  • Stephen Bliss (Pirate STC)
  • Michael Cook (Kid Chameleon, Eternal Champions)
  • Nigel Dobbyn (Chaotix Crew)
  • Richard Elson (Sonic, Captain Plunder)
  • Mark Eyles (Tails, Golden Axe, Sonic's World, Wonder Boy)
  • Carl Flint (Megadroid)
  • Nigel Kitching (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Chaotix Crew, Super Sonic, Decap Attack, Streets of Rage, Captain Plunder, Sparkster, Shining Force)
  • AlanMcKenzie (Sonic, Shinobi)
  • Mark Millar (Sonic, Streets of Rage, Doctor Robotnik)
  • Woodrow Phoenix (Ecco)
  • Richard Rayner (Decap Attack)
  • Lew Stringer (Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Doctor Robotnik, Sonic's World, Marko's Magic Football)
  • Steve White (Mutant League)
  • Brian Williamson (Mutant League)

Lew Stringer (Top), Nigel Kitching (Below).




Carl Flint (Top), Nigel Dobbyn (Below).

  • Gary Andrews (Sonic's World, Marko's Magic Football)
  • Stephen Bliss (Pirate STC)
  • M. DJ. Boyann (Wonder Boy)
  • John M. Burns (Tails)
  • Casanovas (Sonic, Tails)
  • Roberto Corona (Sonic, Tails, Amy, Doctor Robotnik, Sonic's World)
  • Nigel Dobbyn (Knuckles, Chaotix Crew)
  • Bojan Djukic (Sonic & Knuckles)
  • Richard Elson (Sonic, Knuckles)
  • Carl Flint (Sonic, Tails, Amy, Sonic's World)
  • Martin Griffiths (Shining Force)
  • Mike Hadley (Sonic, Sonic's World, Doctor Robotnik)
  • Jon Haward (Shinobi, Eternal Champions)
  • Ed Hillyer (Sonic)
  • Nigel Kitching (Decap Attack, Captain Plunder, Sonic's World, Megadroid)
  • Mick McMahon (Sonic, Decap Attack, Tails)
  • John Moore (Knuckles)
  • Keith Page (Sparster, Sonic)
  • Woodrow Phoenix (Sonic)
  • Dermot Power
  • Andy Pritchett (Sonic's World)
  • Peter Richardson (Streets of Rage)
  • Ferran Rodriguez (Sonic)
  • Chris Webster (Ecco)
  • Mike White (Knuckles, Golden Axe)
  • Anthony Williams (Sonic, Mutant League)
  • Brian Williamson (Sonic, Tails, Kid Chameleon, Mutant League)
  • Dave Windett (Tails)



  • Tim Bollard (Sonic)
  • John M. Burns (Sonic, Tails, Doctor Robotnik, Sonic's World, Shinobi, Amy)
  • Dondie Cox (Sonic's World)
  • Elitta Fell (Amy)
  • Richard Guildford (Sonic's World)
  • Mike Hadley (Tails)
  • Gina Hart (Tails, Chaotix Crew, Shining Force)
  • Timothy Marx (Sonic)
  • Andy Pritchett (Sonic, Sonic's World)
  • Steve White (Sonic, Tails, Amy, Sonic's World, Chaotix Crew)

Steve White (Above)




  • Tom Frame
  • Steve Potter
  • Ellie De Ville
  • Woodrow Phoenix
  • Elitta Fell
  • Gordon Robson
  • John Aldrich
  • Richard Bird


The Rest

  • Chris Power (Publisher)
  • Rob McMenemy (Publisher)
  • Gary Bell (Marketing Manager)
  • Douglas Pocock (Marketing Manager)
  • Sarah Colley (Production)
  • Richard Burton (Consultant)
  • Jane Ballard (Promoters)
  • Debbie Plummer (Promoters)
  • Michelle French (Promoters)
  • Michelle Brown (Promoters)
  • Julie Goldsmith (Director)
  • Tony Takoushi (Game Guru, Reviewer)
  • David Gibbon (Game Guru, Reviewer)


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