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Sonic The Hedgehog / Sonic's World / Streets of Rage / Tails

Doctor Robotnik

Name Issue #
Test Drive Summer '94


Eternal Champions

Name Issue #
Death Isn't Forever EC '94
Reality Check EC '94
Brains & Brawls EC '94



Name Issue #
Guardian of the Chaos Emeralds Summer '94
Traitor of the Lost Pyramid KKS '96
Jake's Story KKS '96
Reflections KKS '96



Name Issue #
The Dark Circle Yearbook 1
Way of the Warrior Poster 04
The Fear Pavilion (Originally from issue #1-6) Fear Pavilion


Sonic The Hedgehog

Name Issue #
Cartoon Concerto Yearbook 1
Speed Demonz Yearbook 1
Double Sonic Yearbook 1
Sticky Problems Yearbook 2
Tails' Tale Yearbook 2
Space-Hedgehog Yearbook 2
Big Trouble Yearbook 2
Enter Sonic (Originally from issue #1) Beat the Badniks
Robofox (Originally from issue #2) Beat the Badniks
Mayhem in the Marble Zone (Originally from issue #3) Beat the Badniks
Day of the Badniks (Originally from issue #4) Beat the Badniks
Attack On The Death Egg (Originally from issue #6) Spin Attack
The Origin of Sonic (Originally from issue #8) Spin Attack
Back To Reality (Originally from issue #9) Spin Attack
Megatox (Originally from issue #10) Spin Attack
Doctor Sun Summer '94
Holiday Hot Spot Summer '95
Break Out! Summer '96
Sonic Vs Shortfuse Summer '96
Movie Madness Summer '96
Face to Face (Originally from issue #118) Summer '99
Taking the Plunge (Originally from issue #126 & #127) Summer '99
Smokey and the Badnik (Originally from issue #75) Summer '99
The Detour (Originally from issue #113) Summer '99
Game On! (Originally from issue #131) Summer '99
The Kid Cruel Caper Poster 03
Ocean of Horror Poster 05
Marble Garden Menace Poster 06
The Chaos Emerald Thief Poster 08
Trapped in the Vortex Poster 09


Sonic's World

Name Issue #
New Image (Originally from issue #84) Summer '99
Scream Theme Park (Originally from issue #85) Summer '99


Streets of Rage

Name Issue #
Streets of Rage (Originally from issue #7-12) Bad City Fighters
Facts of Life Poster 07



Name Issue #
Attack of the Badniks Summer '94



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