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STC Online

STC Online is the continuation of STC here you can get all the STC issues from 224 onwards.

Sonicology - Fleetway's Sonic the Comic Transcripts

Transcripts of some early sonic strips.

The Runners Hub: The Center of the Zonerunner Community

A Site by the fans of one of Tails' finest stories Zonerunner containing fan art and information.

Chaos Control Home Page

A good assortment of random information.

The Chaos Confederation

Has a link to an STC site but it is still under construction. So watch this space.

Knuckles Haven

Has info on a lot of strips where knuckles has made an appearance.

Sonic the Website

Some good information.

Yahoo Group Sonic the Comic

Some useful information.

Yahoo Group for the Zonerunners Hub

Set up after the original site was shut down.

The Mobius Forum  - The Special Zone! (Sonic the Comic UK) 

 A good forum with some very helpful and friendly people.

Sonic Comics - General Information

Information for STC and Archie.

ChaosLace Studios

A very talented artist who's planning a Sparkster comic.



Geek Envy

Has the complete first series of streets of rage scanned.

Sonic Stuff

Has some fairly good scans of some early stories as well as some middle age complete issue scans.

The Undercaves

Contains a lot of Ecco information as well as complete scans of both the STC Ecco series. [Currently Unavailable hopefully will return soon]

Sonic HQ: Project Sonic - The Comic Scans Page

Contains a few example scans and information on Sonic the Comic.

=TSS= Fleetway's Sonic the Comic: Comics Zone

Has a lot of cover scans and a few issue reviews, also has some good character bios and example art.

Knuckles Chaotix

Lots of good scans with some of the international versions of STC available.


Mirrors of STC-Archive files.


STC Staff

Nigel Kitching's Homepage

A few example pieces of art a well as two unedited scripts and an unedited scan.

Nigel Dobbyn's Homepage

A lot of good art but very little STC related art or information.

Roberto Corona's Homepage

A few pieces of art as well as a link to Bob's online comic Welcome to Heck.

Welcome to Heck

Free comics from Bob's online comic series.

Dave Windett's Hompage

No STC stuff but a good site with some good art.

Lew Stringer's Homepage

Information on what Lew Stringer has done and what he is currently doing.

Steve White's Portfolio

Steve White's Portfolio has an interesting design.

Brian Williamson's Homepage

Misc art not much else.

Stephen Bliss Homepage

Some Pirate STC artwork.


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