What are cbr files?

CBR files are RAR files with their extension renamed. They contain numbered images in jpg, gif or png format and a text file that contains information about said image files.


How do I open cbr files?

To open CBR files you will need a cbr viewer, I use CDisplay. Once you have installed CDisplay just double click on the cbr files you have downloaded to view them.

To open CBR files on MacOSX or Linux use the Comical:

  • Comical-MacOSX-0.4 (0.97Mb)

  • Comical-0.4 Source Code (392Kb)


When will new scans be released?

We will be releasing new scans whenever possible, this will probably average out to be around 10 a month.


Why "V3"?

STC-Archive is on its third redesign the first was never publicly online, and the second was the one used from around July 2004 to January 2005.


Where can I get older scans?

All the scans that have been released but are not available on STC-A you can get through bit-torrent.



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