Why STC Archive?

STC Archive was created to be exactly that an Archive of all Sonic the Comic strips. As times goes on it is getting harder and harder to find copies of Sonic the Comic as they slowly get worn out by reading or destroyed by parents or siblings, therefore I decided that I wanted to make all the issues available to anyone who wants them in their complete form. I know that most of the Sonic strips contained within STC have been scanned and if you look hard enough you can find a few of the other strips, but all these scans available vary in quality and readability. We are now using the CBR file format instead of the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file format as it is much easier to read comics with.
As well as the normal STC issues I will be archiving as many of the special edition comics as I can get my hands on, and scans of original scripts and artwork by that has been commissioned. This will take time so I will be periodically releasing new issues sequentially in CBR format. But it also means that as I don't have every issue I need your help; if you have any STC issues / Scripts / Artwork / Photos of UKCAC's that you would like to scan / donate / sell just send me an email at net@gue-network.com.

Although all Sonic the Comic issues are out of print and Egmont Fleetway has no obvious intention of continuing producing STC the matter of whether or not scans of the comic strips are legal is not clear so don't do anything stupid with these scans e.g. try to make money from them etc.


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