Zork Trilogy





The Zork Trilogy is a slightly modified and cut down version of the mainframe game dungeon created in at MIT. As the home computers of the time where not capable of running dungeon, so it was cut up into three parts: The Great Underground, The Wizards of Frobozz and The Dungeon Master. These were originally released in 1980, 1981, and 1982 respectively.


Dungeon was written by Marc S. Blank, P. David Lebling, Tim Anderson and Bruce Daniels. Then latter converted into The Zork Trilogy by Marc Blank and David Lebling.


All three Zorks where Text Adventure

s or Interactive Fiction as Infocom called them, written in Z-Code version 1 then latter ported to versions 2, 3, and 5. Z-Code is basically a programming language for a theoretical machine (the Z-Machine) so that it may be run on any platform with the relevant Z-machine interpreter.


The very successful Zork Trilogy was the start of many great adventures of the Zork series as well as an equally successful spin off series the Enchanter Trilogy.


Game Version Rooms Words Objects Opcodes
Zork I 88 110 697 60 6798
Zork II 48 86 684 50 6804
Zork III 17 89 564 23 5952

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