Enchanter Trilogy






The Enchanter series is a spin off series of the Zork series consisting of three games as they are set in the Zork universe and are lased with references to Zork. The working title for Enchanter the first part of the Enchanter series was Zork IV showing that this was meant to originally be the fourth part of the Zork series but was changed for the final release.


The Enchanter series consists of three games; Enchanter (1983), Sorcerer (1984), and Spellbreaker (1985) by Marc Blank & David Lebling, Steve Meretzky, and David Lebling respectively.



Game Version Rooms Words Objects Opcodes
Enchanter 29 74 723 33 8070
Sorcerer 18 84 1013 36 8963
Spellbreaker 87 79 850 60 12472

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