The GUE Network is created and maintained by me Ezekiel for the sole purpose to give me something to do. Actually it has been created to collate all the information I can find on the Zork series of games.


Even though GUE Network has only been publicly released in this form it has actually gone through three different renditions. The first looked like the inventory screen from Grand Inquisitor and the second looked very much like the current rendition with very rough looking graphics and a loads of sections of the site that where cut due to a variety of reasons. And you are now staring at the third version, hopefully this version will last a while as it takes a lot of work to create a site this large.


Btw all screenshots and packaging are the Europe releases so if you would like to send me scans or shots of any differences between the Europe release and any other region release I would be very grateful.


If you have any comments or suggestions to improve the GUE Network please contact by me by the email address at the end of this page.


If you would like to contribute to the GUE Network or have any fan creations that you would like hosted here please contact me by the email address below.


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