I have ripped and encoded the soundtrack to Return to Zork and put it in the Music & Sound FX section. This soundtrack is still technically under copyright so it is here for private use and not for sale. I have also added a Z-code port of the Dungeon Muddle code, I'm not sure who did this port but it seems to be an almost straight port with only a few references to the name Dungeon changed to Zork. It is available in the games section. I have added a new Zork Nemesis Windows Theme I'm not sure who created this one but I think it may be official by Activision.

- Ezekiel     



The files section contains everything that is related to Zork, helps running Zork games or background information on Zork in other words everything Zork. Quite a few files here are created by me but the majority of files are created by other people in the Zork community and other places. The only section that still has no content is the movie section I hope to have something for it soon but for now it will remain empty. If anyone has anything they think might be suitable for any of the sections to the left then please drop me an email.

- Ezekiel    


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