Zork Nemesis




"All-New Zork Adventure - Five richly detailed worlds entice you with over 65 innovative puzzles and more than 40 hours of immersive gameplay."


"Spectacular Production Values - Fourteen Hollywood actors (and a severed head), an hour or dramatic live-action video, hypnotic ambient music and dazzling special effects create a seamless virtual reality adventure."


"Stunning 3-D Experience - Z-Vision surround technology allows true 360° movement with striking 16-bit graphics. Engaging 3-D sound with revolutionary QSound technology complete the disturbingly realistic adventure."


"Top Hollywood Talent - Live-action director Joe Napolitano (X-Files, Murder One) and Academy Award-Winning Soundelux Media Labs enhance the sureal story."


Zork Nemesis is a very good game based in the Zork Universe but I've never been totally happy with it as it lacks most of the humour that attracted me to the series, but it does have a very realistic atmosphere using 3D sound very well. The story of Nemesis is absorbing with a nice twist at the end to keep you on the edge of your seat.


Zork Nemesis uses version one of the Z-Vision engine which allowed more vertical panning than than version two but can't handle as high resolution graphics so limits the game to a square in the middle of the screen. Version 1 of the Z-Vison engine also lacks any sort of useful inventory so therefore has not got the short cut bars at the top of the screen like version 2.





Stephen Macht                     General Kaine

Paul Anthony Stewart    Lucien / Nemesis

Merle Kennedy                          Alexandria

Lauren Koslow                                 Sophia

Allan Kolman                                 Sartorius

W. Morgan Shepard      Father Malveaux


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