Zork Grand Inquisitor





"Rediscover the Magic of Zork - Visit the famous landmarks that made Zork Legendary: Flood Control Dam No.3, The White House and GUE Tech. Experience the wit and unpredictability of the Underground, with a wise-cracking Dungeon Master, a Fish with an attitude, and a subway system with no brakes!"


"Fascinating Characters - Enlist the aid of three fantastic characters on your Magic quest: Lucy Flathead, a Brogmoid and the Griff. Confront classic TV and film stars including Dirk Benedict (The A-Team), Rip Taylor (The Gong Show) and Erick Avari (Stargate) as the Grand Inquisitor."


"Ultimate Adventure Immersion - Stunning graphics and enchanting music absorb you into over 30 unique environments. An enhanced version of the revolutionary Z-Vision engine gives you unprecedented 360° freedom. Link up with a friend via Internet, LAN or modem to explore Zork cooperatively for the first time ever."


Zork Grand Inquisitor is a return to the original Zorks style while also holding its own as a stand alone game, so a welcome addition to the Zork series. Using all the knowledge and feedback the development team got from Zork Nemesis and Return to Zork they produced a great game. The art style of ZGI is much more at home in my mind of what Zork should look like, the art put together with the soundtrack to this game make it an absorbing game.


ZGI uses the version 2 Z-Vision engine allowing highly detailed graphics and flexibility in one package the new engine improved on everything the original engine could except cut out two things; dragging objects and vertical panning. Although not a great loss its a shame to see them taking out innovative features.


Even though it was originally meant as the first in a new trilogy called the Magic Trilogy and is a good example of what could have been achieved if the trilogy had been completed, it is a very good game to end the series with.




Grand Inquisitor                                                          Erick Avari

Antharia Jack                                                          Dirk Benedict

Wartle                                                                           Rip Taylor

Lucy                                                                      Amy Jacobson

Inquisition Guard                                              Oliver Muirhead

Old Inquisition Guard / Bartender                       Earl Schuman

Y'Gael                                                                      Jordana Capra

Floyd the Bouncer                                                        Don Gibb

Totemization Inspector                                  Douglas Carrigan

Dungeon Master                                             Michael McKean

Voice of the Inquisition / Bickering Torch         David Lander

Griff                                                                            Marty Ingels

Brog / Sea Captain                                                        Earl Boen

Marvin the Mythical Goatfish                                 Roger Rose

Hades Beast / House Alarm                                Chick Vennera

Fishmarket Lady / Shona                                    Diane Pershing

Pop Rocks Warning / Spell Checker                     Leigh French

Dragon Throat Resident / Flickering Torch               Val Bettin

Belboz / Perils of Magic Voice                                 Philip Clarke

Invisible Bridge Guard / Doug                     Donovan Freeberg


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