Return to Zork






return to zork"Return to Zork - A mesmerizing interactive adventure of danger, intrigue and cunning. Explore the most amazing territory ever seen. Face one fascinating puzzle after another"

"Ground Breaking Production - Be entranced by a cast of Hollywood stars. Revel in a superb soundtrack with over 180 original compositions. Be intrigued by more than one hour of spoken dialogue."

"Revolutionary Interface - Quickly and easily master complex interactions. Choose your conversation tone, from threatening to friendly, for different responses from characters you meet. Snap pictures and tape record conversations to review at any time."

"The Experience - A story so compelling novice adventurers will be enthralled. A puzzle structure so challenging the most experienced game players will not be able to sleep. It's an adventure you'll never forget."

Return to Zork is the first point and click Zork game originally released in 1993 latter re-released in budget format. Return to Zork keeps a lot of the elements of the original Zork and bundles them up in an ugly VGA package, it had good graphics for the time but it definitely shows its age now.

Return to Zork runs on the MADE (Multimedia Applications Development Environment) the only Zork game to do so. The MADE engine was developed by Activision/Infocom "to provide games of great scope, flexibility, and high production quality".

The design of Return to Zork can make it hard to navigate some time but that is the only snag with this game other than the graphics (Unless you got the Floppy Disk version in that case your in for up to an hour of installation time).




Trembyle                                                                        Will McAllister

Keeper                                                                              Howard Mann

Waif                                                                                         Edan Gross

Mayor                                                                                      Raoul Rizik

Boos Myller                                                                         Harold Smith

Molly Moodock                                                                   Elaine Lively

Moodock                                                                                 Ernie Lively

Blacksmith                                                                      Michael Stadvec

Rebecca                                                                                   A. J. Langer

Guardian                                                                        Charles Carpenter

Cliff                                                                                 Matthew Grimaldi

Troll Leader / Trolls                                                             Jason Hervey

Ben Fyshin                                                                              Jason Lively

Witch Itah                                                                          Michelle Dahlin

Canuk                                                                                            Jojo Marr

Fairy                                                                                         Robin Lively

Bowman                                                                                       Sam Jones

Tree Spirit                                                                                    Lori Lively

Holy Woman                                                           Julie St. Claire Capone

Dwarven General / Dwarven Mine Leader      Leonardo & Nino Surdo

E. Rooper                                                                          Michael Johnson


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