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Welcome to our gamer website where we have news and gamer information about and the following games Return to Zork, Zork Nemesis,
Zork Grand Inquisitor, Magic Trilogy II & III, plus all the Sonic the Comic strips.


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Return to Zork


Return to Zork is a 1993 graphic adventure game in the Zork series developed by Activision. It was the final Zork game
to be published under the Infocom label. Return to Zork takes place from a first-person perspective and makes use of
video-captured actors as well as detailed graphics; a point-and-click interface replaced the text parser for the first time
in a Zork game. Return to Zork features multiple ways of interacting with each object in the game world,
as well as offering multiple ways to "complete" the game, encouraging replay.


Game information: Game designer was Doug Barnett and art designer Mark Long. There are multiple ways to solve
puzzles and complete the game, giving the player a reason to play the game more than once, trying to discover new
ways to solve puzzles and to finish the game.


Sonic the Comic (STC)


STC was a British children's comic published fortnightly between 1993 and 2002 and still has a loyal following of fans.
It was the UK's official Sega comic, featuring stories about its mascot Sonic the Hedgehog and related characters, as well
as comic strips based on other Sega video games.


Sonic the Comic usually had four comic strip stories, written and drawn by different writers and artists. The first was always
(except for issue 148) a seven-page story about Sonic himself and in the later Sega backup strips were focused on supporting
Sonic characters such as Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Chaotix.


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